Rue (Askham)

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This is the entry for Rue from Askham's Herbal


This is called Rewe, thys is hote and drye in the seconde degre, the leaves and the sedes be used in medecines, the sedes may be kept ten year, and the leaves a year, he hath vertu of purging, dissoluing and consuming, for the head ache take the ioyce of the Rewe and hete it & put it into nosethrilles, for it purgeth out flume and clenseth the brayne, the ioyce sodden with wine is good for the same. For feblenes of sight put Rewe in a pot with ale, and let the pacient use to drynke of it. For stoppinge of the splen and lyver, the strangurye and the flux, seeth Rewe in wine with rootes of Fenel or pouder of Rewe in wine with rootes of Fenel or pouder of Rewe with the ioyce of Fenel and drink it warme. Also for an ache or freting, stampe Rewe with a pouder of Comin, and pleister it to the greuance. Also against venim drinke the ioyce of the Rewe. For bitinge of venemous beast or worm, plaister Rewe to the biting. For feblenes of eyesight styll water of Rewe and Roses together, and put thereof in your eyes. Also an oyntment for sore eyes, stampe Rewe and Fenel together of eche like much by weight, & grinde them smal together and medle them with hony and vyneger, and it is good for the ache in the brest and in the raines.