Rosemary (Askham)

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This is the entry for rosemary from Askham's Herbal.


Thys herbe is hote and drye, take the flours and put them in a lynen clothe, and so boyle them in fayre cleane water to the half, and cole it, and drinke it for it is much worth against al evels in the bodye. Take the floures and make pouder therof and bind it to the right arme in a linnen cloth, and it shal make thee light & mery. Also eate the flours with hony fasting, with soure bread, and there shall rise in the none evel swellinges. Also take the floures and put them in a cheste amonge youre clothes or amonge bookes, and moughtes shall not hurte them, boyle the floures in Gotes mylke, and than let them stande all a nyght under the ayre faire covered, after that geve hym to drink therof that hath the tisik and it shall deliver hime, boile the leaves in whyte wine & wash thy face therewith, thy berde and thy browes, and there shall nothynge breake out, and thou shalt have a fayre face. Put the leaves under thy beddes head and thou shalbe delyvered of all evell dreames. Breke the leaves smal to pouder and lai them on a Canker and it shal sle it. Take the leaves and put them into a vessel of wyne and it shal preserve it fro tartnes and evell savoure, and yf thou sell that wyne thou shalt have good luck in the sale. If thou be feble with unkindly swete, take and boile the leaves in cleane water, and whan the water is colde do therto as muche of white wine, and than make therin soppes and eate well thereof, and thou shall recover appetyte. If thou have the flux boil the leaves in strong Aysell, and binde them in lynnen clothe, and bynde it to the wombem and anone the flux shall withdrawe. If thy legges be blowen with the Gout boyle the leves in wate, and than take the leaves and binde them in a lynnen clothe aboute the legges, and shal do them good. Take the leves & boyle them in strong Aysell, and bynde them in a cloth to thy stomacke & it shall deliver the of all evels. If thou have the coughe, dryne the water of the leaves boiled in white wine, and it wil hele the. Take the rinde of Rosemary and make pouder therof & drinke it for the pose and it shal helpe the. Take the timber therof and burne it to cooles, and make pouder therof, and than put it in lynnen clothe and rub thy teth therwith, and if there be any wormes therin it shall slee them & keep thy teethe frome evels. Also put therof in thi dores or in thy house, and thou shalt be without daunger of Adders and other venemous serpentes. Make the a barel therof and drinke thou of the drinke that staundeth the rim and thou nede not to feare no poyson that shal hurt the, and yf thou set it in thy garden kepe it honestly for it is much profitable. Also yf a man have loste his smellinge of the ayre, or els he may not drawe his breth therewith, and geve it him to eat & he shal be hole.