Priest's Special Langort

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Priest's Special Langort or Priest's Special Longpoint is a term used to describe a type of counter or counterward in historical swordfighting. It can also be used as a ward

Arming Sword and Buckler

The term is applied to a counter illustrated in Royal Armouries MS I.33.

Priest's Special Langort is taken up by standing right foot forward, buckler is held near the left hip facing the left. The sword is held pointing back and slightly to the left with the long edge pointing down and the hilt in front of the body. The right elbow should be in front of, and at approximately the same height as the right shoulder.

From underarm this counter can be adopted by simply moving the elbow in front of the shoulder.


It is appropriate to adopt this counter when faced against a fencer in the one of the following ward(s):