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A poncho is a garment, similar to a cape, worn over other items of clothing.

How to make a poncho

  1. Take a relatively large square, circle, or oval of fabric (make the diameter (or diagonal measurement)) as long as you want the cloak to be at it's longest.
  2. Cut a hole, a bit larger than head sized in the centre. Actually, this hole may work better placed slightly towards the front.
  3. Bind the edges of the cut hole if you want it to last long (using blanket stitch, a piece of folded over fabric, bias binding, a piece of briad or whatever).
  4. Wear it like a poncho.


  • Square cloaks look/work best if you hang the corners at your front, back, and sides.
  • Wool is the best fabric to make this out of, as it will shape itself to your shape. 1.5m of 150 wide woollen fabric is enough to make a light poncho cloak for a medium height female.