Plum (Askham)

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This is the entry for plum from Askham's Herbal.


Plummes be colde and moyst, some be white, some be blacke, and some be read. They that be blacke and somewhat harde be the beste, they be called Damsons, and whan they be rype, gather them and slyt them and spryng vyneger uppon them, and so they may be kept in a vessel of woode a yeare, and fyste whan thei be cut thei must be laid in the Sunne fiftene daye to dry these Damsons have the vertu of coldenes and clensynge of the inwarde partes, wherefore they be good in Fevers that be sharpe, and for costivenes of the bellye that commeth of drynes or colorike humours dryeing, yf they be newe geve hym them to eate, yf they be drye boyle them in water, and geve the pacient to drincke thereof, this is good for the Fever tertian, for stoppinge of the lyver, for te Jandes, & sharpe Fevers, it softeth the bellye, it is good for the defaute of appetite, and for many other diseases.