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This Household is defined broadly as the household led by Kinggiyadai Orlok and Altani Khaligu Bekhi. It contains Kinggiyadai's squires and proteges; their partners; and several close friends to Altani and Kinggiyadai.

More narrowly, the Ordo Kinggiyad is the unit of Mongol archers who formed after the disbanding of the Kheshig of the First Lochac Khaganate: Kinggiyadai and Altani's first Royal reign over the Kingdom of Lochac.

The rest of this document largely describes this more narrow definition.


The Ordo is modelled after the Mongol military unit called an Arban or Aravt; the smallest Mongol organisational unit with a strength of approximately ten people with one of them elected by the others as Arban-u Darga (approx "Commander")

The organisation is nominally democratic, with new members needing widespread approval of current members, including approval by Kinggiyadai. By default, partners of current members are automatically eligible for membership.

Because the household still fits into the social hierarchy of the SCA, it has not selected a commander other than Kinggiyadai


The Ordo has "The Accords" which is a battlefield policy where if members of the Ordo find themselves on opposing sides in a combat, they will engage each other only when they are out of all potential alternative engagements. In short, they 'Kill other Ordo last'. This is opposite the policy of many other fighting units who often prioritise their "traitorous" members to eliminate.


The Ordo Kinggiyad came into being around 14th August 2015 when Banu, William, Elwald, Ranif and Unnr decided to stay in the Kheshig's livery and form an SCA combat archery unit. Ranif approached Kinggiyadai with an offer of captaincy.