Marjoram (Askham)

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This is the entry for marjoram from Askham's Herbal.


This herbe is hote and drye in the second degre, the floures and leaves bee used in medecynes, it shuld be gathered in the somer, when it flowreth, and drye it in the shadowe. It may be kepte a yeare, it hath the vertue of comforting, of louringe, of consuminge and of clensing, if the pouder of it be dronke in wine, or els boyle the pouder of it in wine, and it wil hete wel a stomack. Also it comforteth the digestion. Also take the leves & flores of Maioram and powne them a lyttel, and make them hote in a panne and lay it to thy grevance, and it taketh awai the disease in the stomack that commeth of wynd. Also for the rewme in the headde, take this herbe and bynde it warme about thy heade. Also it dryeth the mother, and consumeth the superfluyte of it.