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Hide Park is a dance from Playford's Dancing Master.

Steps and Movements Used

  • Doubles forward by left and right (DL and DR), and back (DLb and DRb)



This dance starts with four couples in a square.


Couples 1 and 3 double in to each other, then double back. Couples 2 and 4 do the same.

1-2 DL, DRb (couples 1 and 3)
3-4 DL, DRb (couples 2 and 4)

First Verse

Couples 1 and 3 take both hands with their partners, and do four slips into the middle. Man 1 takes both hands of woman 3, and man 3 takes both hands of woman 1. These new pairings do four slips away from each other, passing through the couple on their side. They then peel off and return to their original places. Couples 2 and 4 perform similarly.


As first chorus.

Second Verse

Couples 2 and 4, holding inside hands, move clockwise past each other and form an arch, while couples 1 and 3 move past each other and around the back of the arch, under the arch, and into their partner's place. The same figure is performed again with roles reversed.


As first chorus.

Third Verse

Men pass in front of their partner, behind the next woman, in front of the next, behind the next and back into place. Women then perform the same, travelling in the opposite direction.

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