Garlic (Askham)

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This is the entry for garlic from Askham's Herbal.


This herbe Allium is called Garleke, the vertue of this herbe is this: It wyll unbynde all evell wyndes within a mans bodi. And it helpeth a man to make water, but it noyeth a mans eyes, and because he is vaporatyve. Also it maketh a man to drynke muche, and destroyeth the sighte, & it destroyeth and healeth venim within a man. Also it healeth al colde soores as it were tryacle. Also it healeth the scabbes, and morphews, or bladders, in what maner place they be in a mans body, so that it be well froted therwith, this herbe is hote and dry in the second degre.