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Amanita muscaria is a mushroom with a highly distinctive bright red cap covered with white scales. It contains the toxic, psychoactive alkaloid muscimole. Some believe that this striking mushroom was the mysterious God-narcotic "Divine Soma" of ancient India.

It is extremely poisonous.

Effects of Flay Agaric Mushshroom

According to

"The narcotic effect begins to manifest itself about a half hour after eating, in a pulling and jerking of the muscles or a so-called tendon jump (although sometimes these effects appear only after an hour or two); this is gradually followed by a sense of swimming before the eyes, dizziness, and sleep. During this time, people who have eaten large quantity of mushrooms often suffer an attack of vomiting. The rolled-up mushrooms previously swallowed whole are then vomited out in a swollen, large, and gelatinous form, but even though not a single mushroom remains in the stomach, the fly-agaric effects are, in fact, intensified. Many other persons never vomit, even after eating copiously of the mushrooms.

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