Fennel (Askham)

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This is the entry for fennel from Askham's Herbal.


Thys herbe is called Fenel or Fenkel, the vertue of this herbe is thus, if the sede be dried it is good and comforteth the stomache, it openeth the stoppynge of the raynes of the blader. Also the joyce is good to do awaye the webbe of the eyes of a man, and it be dronken with wyne and water, it is good too do awai al maner of venim. Also the joyce dropped in the eares of a man it wil sle the wormes in a mans heade. And also if it be dronken with wine it wil put awaye the Dropsye and al maner of swelling and kepeth him frome castinge, and if it be dronken with wine and water, it maketh a womans mylke to encreace. Also if it be medled with Oyle it is good to hele a mans yarde that is swollen. And this herbe is hote & drye.