Crotoun (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take the offal of Capouns oþer of oþere briddes. make hem clene and parboile hem. take hem up and dyce hem. take swete cowe mylke and cast þerinne. and lat it boile. take Payndemayn and of þe self mylke and drawe thurgh a cloth and cast it in a pot and lat it seeþ, take ayren ysode. hewe the white and cast þerto, and alye the sewe with zolkes of ayren rawe. colour it with safron. take the zolkes and fry hem and florish hem þerwith and with powdour douce.


  • Crotoun. Ms. Ed. 24. has Craytoun, but a different dish.
  • Payndemayn. Whitebread. V. ad No. 41.