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The Australasian Medieval Conference (also known as simply Conference, Convention or Conferention) is an event held during the Easter period in various states of Australia. The event is held on every odd numbered year. Each Conference is typically hosted at a different site by a different host group(s) than the previous.

It is primarily a re-enactor event as it conflicts with the Festival held by the SCA, although in the early years SCA members would also attend.

This event covers periods ranging from antiguity to the 17th century. Consequently it is not a typical re-enactment event as it does bring together many different periods rather than focussing on one at a time. Each day is themed with the actual themes determined by the hosting group. Typical themes are Ancient, Dark Ages, Crusader/Byzantine, High Medieval, Late Medieval, and Renaissance and later.

Recent Conferences

  • 14th Amc 2007 (Dullcon)- Braidwood, NSW. Hosted by Danelaw.
  • 13th AMC 2005 (Dustcon)- Nagambie, Victoria. Hosted by Vlachernai.
  • 12th AMC 2003- Porepunkah, Vic. Hosted by ???
  • 11th AMC 2001- Bowraville, NSW. Hosted by ???
  • 10th AMC 1999- Bacchus Marsh, Vic. Hosted by ???
  • 9th AMC 1997- Sokil, Vic. Hosted by ???
  • 8th AMC 1995- Brisbane, Qld. Hosted by Companie of Knights Bachelor???
  • 7th AMC 1993- Glenfield, NSW. Hosted by Australian Medieval Conference Association Incorporated
  • 6th AMC 1991- Cataract, NSW. Hosted by MARS and Dryhtenfyrd
  • 5th AMC 1989- Maldon, Vic. Hosted by ???
  • 4th AMC 1987- Castle Mountain, NSW. Hosted by 1066
  • 3rd AMC 1985- Maldon, Vic. Hosted by ???
  • 2nd AMC 1983- Macquarie University, NSW. Hosted by ???
  • 1st AMC 1981??- ??