Clove and Beetroot Wine

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First make a yeast starter using 140ml (1/4 pint) grape concentrate plus one cupful of water in a clean wine bottle. Add yeast and plug bottle with cotton wool. Stand in a warm place 24C(75F). When starter is active, scrub beetroots, slice thinly and boil in 2.5 litre water until tender but not mushy. Allow to cool and pour over remaining ingredients in a plastic bucket. Add yeast starter and pectic enzyme when at room temperature, and ferment in bucket for 3 days. Strain into gallon jar and top up with cold water if necessary. Ferment to dryness under airlock and then rack into another jar. In actual fact, in view of the sugar content of this must, it is possible that some residual sugar will be left. This is not important since this wine has to be sweetened before drinking in order to achieve balance. Mature for preferably one year.