Chyryse (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take Almandes unblanched, waisshe hem, grynde hem, drawe hem up with gode broth. do �erto thridde part of chiryse. �e stones. take oute and grynde hem smale, make a layour of gode brede an powdour and salt and do �erto. colour it with sandres so that it may be stondyng, and florish it with aneys and with cheweryes, and strawe �eruppon and serue it forth.


  • Chyryse. Chiryse in the process. Cheriseye. Ms. Ed. II. 18. Chiryes there are cherries. And this dish is evidently made of Cherries, which probably were chiefly imported at this time from Flanders, though they have a Saxon name, [Anglo-Saxon: cyrre].
  • layour thickener.

Modern Recipe

Chyryse.jpg Serves 6.

Grind almonds and strain them with broth to make almond milk. Add cherries, pitted and finely ground. Thicken it with enough dried and ground white bread to make it hold its shape, mixed with ground spices and salt. Cook until thick, adding more ground bread if needed. Mix in sanders. When it is plated, garnish with aniseed comfits and fresh cherries.




The historical version of this recipe was taken from the Project Gutenberg e-text of the Forme of Cury.