Chervil (Askham)

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This is the entry for chervil from Askham's Herbal


Cerifolium is called Cerfoile or Chervile, the vertue of this herbe is, and it be dronken eith wyne it shal make a man to pysse wel, and it delivereth a man of the ache in the raynes, and in the bladder, and it be dronke with wine it letteth out and unbyndeth the evell wyndes and unstoppeth the wombe, and lyver of all manner wodnesse. This herbe witholdeth castynge. Also a playster made with this herbe tempered with Aysell, destroyeth wylde fire and heleth the Canker, and all other wounds, this herbe is one of the Smalaches, and it is hote and drye.