Betony (Askham)

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This is the entry for betony from Askham's Herbal


Betony men do call this herbe the vertue of this herbe is this, yf it be stamped and than layde to a wounde in the heade that is smytten with a stroke, it shall heale the wounde fayre, and drawe oute the broken bones if there be any as leches do saye. Also if a mans eyes do ake, take the water or the ioyce thereof, and it shall amende them greatly. Take Betony and stampe hym and temper hym with water, or with wyne warmed and drynke it .x. days, and it shal destroy any webbe in the eyes of any person. Also if your eyes be watrye, eate every day a littel Betony, and it shal do the much good. Also if iou haue akynge eares, take the ioyce therof and temper it with rose water and warme it a lytel and drop it in thi eares, and stop them with wolle, and thou shalte be hole. Also yf thou do blede much at the nose, take and stampe Betony with salt and stoppe thy nose therwith and it wil staunche. And if thou have sore teeth, with Vineger, or with Aysel let it seath wel tyl it be more than halfe wasted, than as hote as thou maist suffer it sup therof and hold it in thy mouth til it be cold, than spytte it out, and do this oft and thou shalt be hole. Also for the coughe take the ioyce or powder of Betonye and medel it wyth honye, and make thereof a lectuarie, and use it .ix. dayes and thou shalt be hole. And yf a manne maye not holde hys meate within him take the same medecine and geve hym thre sponful therof with a sponeful of water. Also if a mans yarde be swolen or that it be soore, take Betony and stampe it with whyte wyne tempered and it shalbe hole. Also yf a man be goutye, take Betonye and seath it well in water & geve to him to drinke, and wasshe his fete therwith and lay the herbe about his feete on a clothe, and it wyl amend hym muche. Also take and eate Betony or powder therof and you shal not be dronken that daye, al these medecines haue ben proved of this herbe. It is hoote and dry in the thyrde degre.