Battle of Baron's Howe

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The Battle of Baron's Howe (often shortened to Baron's Howe or, simply, Bonfield) is an annual SCA camping event in the Canton of Flaming Skies in the Barony of Skraeling Althing of Ealdormere.

Hosted on private land by Duke Finnvarr de Taahe and his household, the event site is located in a dramatic natural bowl surrounded on three sides by forest. Campsites within the trees have been cleared and improved over the last seventeen years by various groups, in particular DARC and the Canton of Petrea Thule. A meadhall was raised in years past by several notable Ealdormereans, which dominates the entrance to the camping area.

The event focuses primarily on heavy combat, with a woods battle, a castle battle and a tournament. There are also archery and thrown weapons tournaments.

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