Barony of Lochmere

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Barony of Lochmere
Per fess engrailed argent and azure, a crab tergiant and a laurel wreath counterchanged.
Founded: August 20, AS 23 (1988)
In Kingdom: Atlantia
Baron: Dominick Elphinstone
Baroness: Margery Winterbourne
Modern location
Maryland, USA.

The Barony of Lochmere is located in the Kingdom of Atlantia. It covers Anne Arundel and Howard Counties as well as the city of Laurel in Maryland.


Lochmere was formed in AS 23 (1988) as a combination of the Barony of Myrkewood and the Shire of Arindale. The first investiture took place on August 20, AS 23, when Aelfred of Cres and Deirdre of Lochmere were invested by Dafydd ap Gwystl and Elizabeth Beaufort as the founding Baron and Baroness.

Barons of Lochmere

Barons are listed first and Baronesses are listed second.

  1. Aelfred of Cres and Deirdre of Lochmere, 8/20/88
  2. Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen and Siobhan O'Riordain, 5/25/91
  3. Siobhan O'Riordain, 5/2/92
  4. Álvaro Rodrigo de León and Inés de Avila, 5/1/93
  5. Reynard de la Rochefoucald and Diana Rhys of Carmarthen, 4/27/96
  6. Reynard de la Rochefoucald, 11/30/96
  7. Robert Bedingfield of Lochmere and Isobel Gildingwater of Ditchingham, 4/15/00
  8. Ælfgar Greyseas and Aryanna Hawkyns, 9/27/03
  9. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov and Medb ingen Brain, 9/10/05
  10. Dominick Elphinstone and Margery Winterbourne, 9/27/08

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