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The heraldic term for silver or white. (The two are interchangeable, as far as heraldic usage is concerned.) According to The Blazon of Gentrie it signifies the following:

  1. Planets: The Moon
  2. Precious Stones: Margueritte, or pearl
  3. Virtues: Hope and Innocency
  4. Celestial signs: Scorpio and Pisces
  5. Months: October and November
  6. Days of the Week: Monday
  7. Ages of Man: Infancy, the first 7 years
  8. Flowers: Lily and white rose
  9. Elements: Water
  10. Seasons of the Year: Autumne
  11. Complexions: Flegmatic
  12. Numbers: 10, 11
  13. Metals: Silver

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