Agrimony (Askham)

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This is the entry for agrimony from Askham's Herbal.


This herbe Agrimoniamen cal it Egrimony but the right name of it is Eupatoriumas as saith Diascorides, & Antonius Musa. The vertue of this herbe is thus, and it be eaten, the herbe & the roote grene, it healeth the akinge of the wombe. Also if this herbe be dryed & powned to pouder, & dronke withwater, it is good for the same evel, also the sayd herbe tempered with Aysel is good to heale a wounde that is hurt with yron, also this herbe used in meats is good to hele the aking of sores in the mylte, also this herbe in pouder decockt in white wiyne openeth the stopping of the lyver that commeth of flewme, also it is hoote in the firste degre, and drye in the seconde.