Yule A.S. XLI Feast

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First Course

Olives Stuffed eggs with coriander, pepper, lemon juice (from al-Andalus) Sour chicken marinated in pomegrante juice, lavendar vinegar, cinnamon, pepper, coriander, rosewater Mujabbana (cheese-filled doughnut from al-Andalus) Marzipan (made with Mistress Roheisa's excellent rose sugar) Meatballs - (with lamb, beef, onion juice, ground lavendar, pepper - from al-Andalus) Wild pickled cucumbers (from Med foods)

Second Course

Mutton stew with chicken meatballs (a loose interpretetion from al-Baghdadi) Roast beef Couscous Carrots dressed with lemon juice, corriander, olive oil, garlic, cumin, pepper Nougat (bought)

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