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[[category:monarchs (medieval)]]
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Yolande (otherwise Isabella II) became queen of Jerusalem in 1212CE, being then but an infant.
She was the daughter of Maria of Montferrat and her husband John of Brienne, and succeeded her mother on the throne because John had no claim on the throne. John served as her regent from 121 to 1225, when, aged 13, Yolande married the widowed Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II. In this way Frederick was persuaded to go to Palestine on Crusade to meet his bride.

Once in Palestine, Frederick was very much the more active of the two: he had already dabbled deeply in the Guelph/Ghibelline controversy, between the supporters of papal power and that of the emperor, and he now became embroiled in the politics of the Ayyubid Muslims. Frederick would have claimed the kingdom for himself, but could not attract support from John or from the other Jerusalem nobility, and when, in 1228, in labour with their son, Conrad, Yolande died, it was young Conrad who suceeded to the throne, whilst Frederick ruled as regent.

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