Would You Have a Young Virgin

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This version sourced from The Mangy Mongol songbook, page 100, AS XLIII


Would you have a young virgin of fifteen years,
You must tickle her fancy with sweets and dears,
Ever toying, and playing, and sweetly, sweetly,
Sing a love sonnet, and charm her Ears.
Wittily, a prettily talk her down,
Chase her, and praise her, if fair or brown,

Sooth her, and smooth her,
And teize her, and please her,

And touch but her smicket, and all's your own.

Do you fancy a widow well known in a man,
With a front of assurance come boldly on,
Let her rest not an hour, but briskly, briskly,
Put her in mind of how time steals on.
Rattle and prattle although she groan,
Rouse her and touse her from morn till noon,

Show her some hour,
You're able to grapple,

Then get but her writing's and all's your own.

Do you fancy a lass of a humour free?
That's kept by a fumbler of quality,
You must rail at her keeper and tell her, tell her,
Pleasure's best charm is variety.
Swear her more fairer than all the town,
Try her and pry her when cully's one,

Dog her, and jog her,
And meet her, and treat her,

And kiss with two guineas and all's your own.