Wormwood (Askham)

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This is the entry for wormwood from Askham's Herbal.


This herbe is called Wormewood. The vertue of this herbe is good to comfort the hert, and clenseth the stomacke. Galyen sayth that this herbe hath two vertues, one is laxative, & the other is constypatyve. Therfore Galyen sayth that if this herbe be geven to any evell, of the which the matter is not fully defyed, it shal harde the stomacke, & let the degestion. And if the matter be ryped, it shall make a man laxatyve, and easely put awai the mater. If this herbe be drunk with Spycknarde, it will swageth the stomacke and wombe that are infected of wicked winds. Also if this berbe be tempered with hony, it will ease the swelling in a mannes mouth. Also it doth awaye the blcke myst in a mans eyes, & clereth the sight and if thys herbe be powned with the gal of a Bul, and afterwarde put in a mans eyes, it putteth away all manner impedimentes of the sight.