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Your SCA Persona is a woman

  • The most important thing in your life is your marital status - single, married, or widowed
    • If you are a young unmarried woman, you obey your father
    • If you are married, you obey your husband
    • If you are widowed, you don't have to obey any man
    • If you are in a convent, you obey only God and his representatives on earth
  • You probably did not (or will not) marry for love, unless you live in the later SCA Period
  • You will probably give birth to multiple children
  • You have a high probability of dying in childbirth
  • You will probably work to support yourself if you are not a member of the nobility
  • Common occupations include seasonal agricultural labour, the textiles trade (spinning, weaving, etc), being a servant, hospitality (running an inn or tavern), or taking over the business of your husband if you are widowed
  • You were probably not literate, unless you were of the upper classes, late period, or both.