Winter War

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Organized by the Shire of Trinovantia Nova in Ealdormere, the Winter War tourney is a large event, usually held in March. Organized primarily as a melee tournament, Winter War attracts many households which specialize in melee combat, such as House Blacksword and the Rozakii. The event, now in its seventh year, also features boffer and rapier combat, as well as a large merchant's area.

Because it is usually the first melee tournament of the season in Ealdormere, fighters at Winter War are often a bit out of practice with melee engagements and calibration, which has caused controversy in the past. A number of respected fighters therefore avoid the lists at this event, owing to Winter War's record of injuries.

After the lists are closed, Winter War hosts a court and a feast. Traditionally, the Kings of Ealdormere save many awards to Trinovantians until Winter War, since it is the one event that every Trinovantian is likely to attend.

Winter War is a damp event, with beer and cider available for purchase at feast.

The Shire of Trinovantia Nova is currently searching for a new venue for the event, as it has outgrown the current location in Woodstock, Ontario.