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===Weapons in the SCA===
Most '''weapons''' used in the [[SCA]] are made out of [[rattan]]. Weapons are constructed according to guidelines laid out in the [[combat handbook]]. Nothing can be done to the rattan that changes its flexibility.
SCA "[[SCA sword|Swords]]" are usually shaved down on the sides and out of the back [[blade]]s with a plane or spokeshave, then covered with [[tape]]. Once taped, they cannot be less than 31.8 mm (1¼ inches) in diameter. Swords may be fitted with a [[thrusting tip]], which is required to have at least 12.7 mm (½ inch) of [[progressive give]], and may not double over. A [[basket hilt]], [[quillion]]s or the equivalent is required.
[[Thusting tip]]s are usually contructed from [[closed cell foam]] with a [[leather]] collar around the area where the [[rattan]] and the thrusting tip are joined to prevent doubling over.
[[Axe]]s are considered a [[mass weapon]] and thus cannot weigh more that 4 pounds. The head can be constructed out of several materials, the most common being [[closed cell foam]] (like a camp mat) and must have [[progressive give]] over the whole head.
[[Mace]]s often have a foam head with rattan splints attached to the outside, this is then taped over and is usually attached to a handle(haft) that is relatively short and is also considered a [[mass weapon]].
Two handed weapons such as the [[glaive]], [[halberd]] and [[great sword]] are all [[mass weapon]]s and have many different methods of construction.
It is a good idea to shape the handle of your weapon so that you can tell if you are hitting with the "[[blade]]" or the "flat" of your weapon.

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