Washerwomen's Branle

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The branle Washerwomen (Branle des lavandriers) is found in Orchesography by Thoinot Arbeau. It is a the mimed branle.

Steps Used


As with all branles, this dance is performed in a line of people holding hands or, if enough people are present, a circle. It is necessary for the dancers to be paired into partners.

The verse and chorus alternate until such time as the musicians decide to stop.


DL DR (Repeat)


Partners turn to face each other:
Gentlemen: SL SR (shaking their fingers at the ladies, who have their fists on their hips)
Laides: SL SR (shaking their fingers at the gentlemen, who have their fists on their hips)

Resuming standard branle formation:
DL (clapping hands)
DR (holding hands)
DL (clapping hands)
KL KR KL J (in a circle over the left shoulder)


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