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See [[colour]].
See [[colour]].
The name comes from the [[France|French]] word for green.
[[Category:Device heraldry]]
[[Category:Device heraldry]]

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The heraldic term for green. According to The Blazon of Gentrie it signifies the following:

  1. Planets: Venus
  2. Precious Stones: emerald
  3. Virtues: Loyalty in Love, Courtesy and Afability
  4. Celestial signs: Gemini and Virgo
  5. Months: May and August
  6. Days of the Week: Friday
  7. Ages of Man: Lusty green youth from 20 till 30 years
  8. Flowers: All manner of verdures or green things
  9. Elements: Water
  10. Seasons of the Year: Spring
  11. Complexions: Flegmatic
  12. Numbers: 6
  13. Metals: Quicksilver

See colour.

The name comes from the French word for green.