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==External link==
==External links==
* [http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/ Realm of Venus] - [[clothing]] and accessories of the men and women of late [[Renaissance]] [[Italy]], with a focus on [[sixteenth century]] [[Venice]].
* [http://www.geocities.com/oonaghsown/ Mistress Oonagh O'Neill] ([[Laurel]]ed for her [[Venice|Venetian]] Patrician women's dress and accessories of the mid to late sixteenth century, research and teaching of this [[16th Century|C16]] [[Index of clothing styles|dress style]].)
* [http://www.geocities.com/oonaghsown/ Oonagh's Own] - An overview of dress from the 16th century, with a strong focus on Venetian [[Patrician]] Women's Dress of the mid to late 16th century.

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