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As you suggested earlier this year, I am moving all the info from the Medieval Embroidery Wiki over to Cunnan. When I am done, I will delete the MEW. Jane of Stockton 16:14, Nov 3, 2003 (EST)


I went and added to the pages for Guilds created on the Groups pages. It wasn't til I was half way through that I thought to check for a Guilds page. Some of the groups were already listed here, but with different (mostly abbreviated) names. I don't know how to combine the info/pages but I do think that using the full name of the Guilds, as on the Groups page, is the best way to go. : Jane of Stockton 13:42, Oct 27, 2003 (EST)

I'm the Ursulan Chron. A pathological tendency to correct spelling mistakes keeps me around... Morgant 11:46 9 Jul 2003 (EST)


Please stop removing my personal attributions. If I wrote it, I want it to be identified as mine, so if someone has a problem they can talk to me about it.

I dont want to hide behind anonymity, especially for my views on stuff like "The Renaissence never happened".

I dont mind it being edited, or even amended, but for scholarship to work you have to be able to stand behind your work.

Make me upset about this, and I'll find that quote from St Jerome about proper attribution *grin*



On the page Humanists I have added a section about SCA personas being humanists. It contains a bullet point beginning with the words " You can quote several Greek texts ...". Down the bottom someone's added a comment "Specific names to drop could be ...". Can you take that comment and do your HTML trick to make it a side-note to the bullet point above about greek texts? I'd do it myself but now I can't remember where you explained how to do it and my HTML skills are fairly rough.

I want to make some more "Your SCA Persona is a ..." bits on various other pages too but I'll get this one right first.