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How do i add a "book source" to the "book sources" page... i got my lucet book from a Lochac merchant who has a store IRL and she sells tons of great craft books of interest to SCAdians... anyway i thought it might be worth a minor plug on Cunnan... Also I reckon the links should probably say what kind of books the stores sell... places like Amazon may be "everything" but others might be specialist (eg this one). - [[User:Taryn|Taryn]] 12:20 25 Jun 2003 (EST)
a) "special" pages don't have a talk page (which is why my question, below, is going here) - is there a way to add a ilnk to an "about this page" - even if it just links to the approriate help page?
b) on the "recent changes" page, what to the capital N and M stand for?
Just curious :) - [[User:Taryn|Taryn]] 16:32 25 Jun 2003 (EST)

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