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Hello and welcome to Cunnan. You've obviously got yourself off to a flying start, excellent effort on all the group pages. While you seem to be picking things up quickly if you have any queries about anything please feel free to leave a message on my talk page. Or even here.

As a side note, I have been encouraging people to standardise the kingdom pages on Cunnan. At the moment [[]] serves as the example of what a kingdom page should look like. As you seem to know a lot about the Kingdom of Atlantia you would seem to be the ideal person to upgrade the Atlantia page.

Again, thanks for your contributions and I hope to hear more from you. Conrad Leviston 05:12, 3 Oct 2005 (CDT)

I've re-formatted Atlantia to bring it more in line with the ideal. I'm hitting up my local group to see if anyone else wants to help with editing both Atlantia and the Baronies/Shires/Strongholds/Cantons/Colleges therein (as well as whatever their specialities might be).

Thanks for that. Incidentally the [[]] is not necessarily ideal. If you see anything to do with its layout that could be improved, don't hesitate to change it or leave a message in its discussion page. Keep up the good work! Conrad Leviston 05:57, 4 Oct 2005 (CDT)
Well, when I said "ideal," I meant more in the sense of "preferred format." For right now, I'm more than happy to try and make Atlantia match [[]]. In the coming days, I'm going to try and finish roughing out the Atlantian groups, then I can go back for polishing. Thanks for the encouragement, this is a pretty fun project! Thomas 06:56, 4 Oct 2005 (CDT)