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Hey good to see you've found the new server! Just to let you know that a quirk of the PediaWiki software is that there are no subpages. So Rapier/case case should probably just be Rapier case or if you feel like making it sub-page-like then use Case (rapier) which gets slightly different treatment. - Tobin

For these it would probably be best to use Rapier case, etc. The use of (subject) is probably best left for pages with ambiguous titles. Pages can be easily moved using the "Move this page" link in the left menu bar (in case you haven't found it yet). Also, feel free to tell me I'm making bad policy here! Its a wiki so everyone can help out with this kind of planning.- Tobin
No its just adds more stuff to my "Talk" page. They are just a normal wiki page that has been kept seperate from the articles by putting "User talk:" in front of them e.g. User talk:Tobin links to my talk page. Feel free to reply to things on your talk page on your own talk page, although this conversation should probably have been moved to Cunnan_talk:Naming_conventions. I'll whip up some info on the namespaces later tonight. - Tobin

I'll move the current discussion to the faux pas talk page (to try and keep things neat :-) - Tobin

Since you've been helping out on the FAQ and policy pages I've made you an admin. You now have the power to delete/restore pages, ban vandals and access the database directly (though this should never be needed). Take a look at Special:Specialpages and you should see some new stuff near the bottom. - Tobin 10:15 8 Jul 2003 (EST)

Wow! Good work on the mead articles! -

Thanks - I like making the stuff and thought I might as well share the experience... there is never enough mead around that there couldn't be more :) Taryn 10:12 22 Jul 2003 (EST)

Taryn - could I get you to add stuff to Brewing? I've done a little reorganisation - There's now a history of brewing section. Cheers. Morgant 16:24 23 Jul 2003 (EST)

Nah - just add what brewing stuff you feel is necessary. I'll add some more when I get some time. Morgant 11:29 7 Aug 2003 (EST)

Hi! left a question for you on the talk page for whorler. I am curious where you found the term used in period. Thanks! Jauncourt