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Mordenvale is a Barony, I modified subpages, but wasn't sure how to do the main pages.

Cheers, Jane

Hello Morgant, good to see you're helping out! Where are you from? Who are you? None of the regular editors (that I speak to) recognise your name. - Tobin 12:03 8 Jul 2003 (EST)

Ah, I see. Well, given the way people around here write you'll be busy! You're doing great work by the way. - Tobin 22:15 14 Jul 2003 (EST)

Since you've been doing a lot of good work and have added to some of the "help" pages I've made you an admin. You now have the power to delete/restore pages, ban vandals and access the database directly (though this should never be needed). Take a look at Special:Specialpages and you should see some new stuff near the bottom - Tobin 12:09 23 Jul 2003 (EST)

Re: brewing: sure can add stuff - anything in partucular you'd like to see added? i'll probably do some more on the brewing equipment - i've had some experience with a wide range of stuff so i can explain a few different things. Though i may not get to doing that straight away... Taryn 10:24 7 Aug 2003 (EST)