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Hi Bill, What happened to the Arrowsreach Wiki? I'm surprised you aren't doing all this page-of-links and festival planning on it, rather than an summary-style wiki like Cunnan. -Cian Gillebhrath 16:53, 20 Mar 2006 (CST)

I thought that by creating Arrowsreach centric wiki pages on Cunnan that cross references into other pages on Cunnan I would be able to encourage more of our members to use and contribute to Cunnan as a whole. For example, I am amazed that Mistress Margie has not been introduced to Cunnan as she would be an avid user if she could get over her initial fear for the complex and arcane computer arts. Cunnan is also incredably handy and useful, and I can see such "group centric" use increasing as more and more people find out about it, at that point we should create a seperate category for Lochac group pages rather than splitting it off into a seperate wiki. --MasterWill 00:26, 21 Mar 2006 (CST)