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Hi, welcome to Cunnan. Thanks for your contributions so far. If you have any questions or queries drop me a message on my talk page or leave a message at the Village Pump (there's a link to that on the left). If you would like to help contribute to this wiki but are u sure how, let me know and I'll make a couple of suggestions. If you want to just add a few things randomly here and there that's cool too. Conrad Leviston 00:52, 20 September 2011 (EST)

Thank you for the welcome. You're welcome to make suggestions if you so choose. For now, I was organizing some of the things I knew and going from there. I can't say that I've updated many things on Wiki's in general, therefore, this is relatively new to me, but I can see its potential and I would like to help if I am able. General question, are we able to insert images of artwork that obviously are in the public domain? (ie., works of Dürer, Cranach, Dolstein, etc.) Or is that outside the point of what is wanted here? Thanx again!