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Greetings and welcome to Cunnan.

You have been busy designing an article on Sir Forgal Kirstetter. While he certainly seems to be a very honourable peer, I am concerned that this article does not meet Cunnan's policy on articles about SCA personas. While I can see why many American SCAdians may have heard of him, I cannot see how he has contributed to the structure, processes or public image in the SCA in a major way. For this reason, I am questioning whether this article is appropriate to Cunnan.

If he is indeed yourself, then I recommend that you transfer the article to User:Ferrant as we have no such restrictions on the biographical pages of Cunnan editors. Otherwise, could you tell me why you think an article on Sir Forgal is appropriate to Cunnan.

In service, Cian Gillebhrath 16:36, 24 March 2011 (EST)

Thank you, I know I can prove all of the things your looking for. Sir Forgal is my Knight and I am working on other more knowledgable people to add to this article.

Almost EVERY member in Atlantia owes Sir Forgal and would agree that if it were not for him the East Coast of the United States would not be half of what it is today.

Sir Forgal has been instramental in increasing the enjoyment of the game and therefore the number of population playing.

Give me some more time and this article will be up to your standard.

In Service Ferrant Reeve

  • Ah, I see your additions to the article and that is indeed the sort of information I was after. As I read it, you are saying that he was a large contributor to new fundamental approaches to heavy combat, modified SCA warfare at Pennsic in some way (I am curious as to what changed, though I have never been to Pennsic and am not a heavy) and made a substantial effort in bringing in new SCA members from a particular sector in society (namely the military). These points are important for medieval reenactment/recreation and therefore, knowing about your knight is important for historical and reference reasons. I am happy for the article to remain where it is, and I hope all other Cunnan mods will feel likewise.
Thank-you for being understanding.
- Cian Gillebhrath 10:21, 31 March 2011 (EST)