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<evil grin> Actually I did know the dragon was the natural enemy of the elephant. For the dragon is a serpent and the serpent did offer the fruit of the tree to eve. ;-) Bet you didn't know 12th C dragons only had 2 legs though. :-)

Tiffany (just a little light bedtime reading :-) )


The serpent offering the fruit, huh? I suppose all those tales of dragons capturing fair maidens makes sense in that context. Especially if you're one of those nutty religious types who believes that the fruit is a metaphor for sex. The maid is captured by the rapacious and then rescued by the chaste.

I'm still not sure how the elephant comes into it though.


I think it's a red herring - actually a real observation of african snakes that could strangle large animals - a piece of factual information that slipped in by accident amoungst all that metaphor. I bet the early greek descriptions show dragons as just a large snake with no legs.