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Hey, that's ok--us Powys folk have no problem with Saesneg friends. :-)

I'm reallyreally hoping to make it over to England/Wales this summer--I want to actually walk the land I'm writing about and see some things I missed when I was there 20 years ago. Hopefully I can also catch up with my squire brother's parents--they run a pub somewhere, and a long-time online friend who's in Sussex. Whereabouts do you live (if you don't mind posting that info here)?

ces Yr diwedd ydy agos

You're welcome -- I'm living in England (yes, I know :: Wrong Side of Offa's Dyke!!) and, yes, I also think this is epcial, which is why I keep adding odd bits as the muse strikes me.


Ok, hopefully this is how you do this reply thingie....

You're very welcome, Simon & thank you for the kind comments. I'm writing a historical novel set in 1141 and so I'm eating-breathing-sleeping this time period. Look for more from me as writing/life allows, especially on Wales in this period!

I just discovered this place after someone posted a link on the Caid list--it's fantastic! Why didn't somebody think of this sooner??


Thank you for your edits on matilda. You certainly know your stuff.
Simon Cursitor