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Hi Ben, welcome to Cunnan I hope you stay a while and help out. Feel free to go to your user page, User:Ben and tell us something about yourself (unless you're big on privacy ;-) - Tobin 22:52, 15 Sep 2003 (EST)

Hello again, its good to see that you're editing and starting lots of pages but please dont use stuff from (they really do like coming down hard on people). You can copy stuff from the Wikipedia or the Wiktionary into Cunnan if you like.

Also, you dont need to count the number of articles you have worked on when you save them. People can see your contributions at Special:Contributions/Ben.

Keep up the good work - Tobin 00:12, 16 Sep 2003 (EST)

Good to see you're still editing articles. One small thing: when you start a new article it is a good idea to try to link to other articles from it. If you dont it wont increase our article count (dont feel as though you need to make "pointless" links though). If you can't think of what to link to then you can always add a [[Category:****]] link. - Tobin

I hope the arguments that are currently happening dont stop you from editing (it doesn't seem to have stopped similar people with similar arguments in the past ;-). - Tobin