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Hello Arval, and thankyou for contributing to Cunnan. A couple of quick things if you are thinking of contributing again.

  • Creating an account is very useful for keeping track of which pages you have contributed to, as well as making it easier to carry out discussions with other users.
  • Ideally each page should read like an encyclopedia entry, as having being written by one impartial voice. If you disagree with what someone else has written feel free to overwrite it and leave your reasons on the talk page. This can lead to problems on wikipedia where debates as to ethnic history rage, but in general things are a little more laid back here. If you wish to completely rewrite the Old English Names page, I doubt anyone will complain.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask any of the active sysops. It would be really great if someon with your experience could get involved with this project. There is a reasonable base of information for heraldry, but there is still a lot to be added, and I don't necessarily have the knowledge to do it.

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