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'''Barony:''' [[Barony of Krae Glas]]<br>
'''Barony:''' [[Barony of Krae Glas]]<br>
'''Household:''' [[Company of the Black Dolphin]]<br>
'''Household:''' [[Company of the Black Dolphin]]<br>
'''Contact:''' mailto:yvesdelyle@gmail.com

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Azure, a phoenix Or issuing from flames gules within an orle of fleurs-de-lys argent

SCAdian Name: Lord Yves de Lyle AoA, ST
Name Approved: November of 2000
Device Approved: July of 2007

Kingdom: Lochac
Barony: Barony of Krae Glas
Household: Company of the Black Dolphin


None that should be mentioned in gentile forums such as this, but better said in the Taverns of Lochac.

Offices Held

Within St Gildas

  • Deputy Seneschal in 1998, Seneschal in 1999 & 2000, Reeve in 2001.
  • Helped reorganise the college after a massive drop off in numbers.

Within Krae Glas

  • Seneschal from December of 2009, until December of 2011.
  • Organised the advancement from Shire to Baronial status

Events Stewarded