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Hi again,

That's great stuff for the Middle Kingdom. Having an 11 month-old child I understand about late nights making the mind a little befuddled.

Cunnan was started in the College of St Monica in Lochac, has been shifted to the SCAA server and now has editors like yourself from all over the Known World. So we don't consider you a "Wandering Spy". However, the main editors still seem to be people at St Mon's.

We are trying to make the content:

  1. Not Lochac or Melbourne specific
  2. contain historical data as well as SCA-related info

The aim stated on the front page is to help medieval recreationists and reenactors from all groups, but unfortunately most of our contributors are still just SCA.

One question though. Do people ever call it the Kingdom of the Middle? Or just Midrealm or Middle Kingdom?

- Cian Gillebhrath (who is a nosey linguist)