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I'm a wikipedia addict who's beem in the SCA since 1994. Though 'in' doesn't necesarily correlate to my paying dues I've been active throughout. I'm a fighter who prefers pole-arm or spear.

Tomislaus is a Rus from 975 Kiev who got hired by some Norsemen to help carry trade goods and boats when the rivirs run out.

I may try to drag the SIG, Slavic Interest Group, onto here. It would solve some of our problems with link decay, bit rot, storage space and maintainer vanishing.

And right before Pennsic I went on a bit of a category assigning binge in category:Fibre Arts which I know only a little about. Of note in the how-to: and categorf pages need at least a smidge of text before they work as cross reference indecies.

notes to self New Varangian Guard