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SCA (inactive): I am a viking merchant who currently resides in the Shire of Seareach in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Mundane: A lot has changed in my life since I last updated this page about four years ago. I'm getting ready to move to North Carolina (Atlantia) from Missouri (Calontir), where I've spent almost the past four years after leaving Colorado (Outlands). There were no SCA groups even remotely close, as we opted for a very rural lifestyle.

I'm hoping that Seareach will provide an opportunity to get back into the SCA as it's been about six years since I've attended an event, and I miss it. Most of the other previous information about my mundane adventures is sorely out of date, but the history tab will show what I've been up to previously. The Rose and Crowne is, as is my wholesale business, and just about everything else.

Here's what's left/new:

Also, if anyone wants/needs specific devices done in my style (see Outlands,Barony of Dragonsspine and Shire of Aarquelle for examples), feel free to ask.