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SCA (inactive): I am a viking merchant who currently resides in the great Barony of Dragonsspine in the Kingdom of the Outlands.
I'm the owner of [http://www.paganshopping.com The Earth Spirit Emporium], an online Pagan/Metaphysical shop.
Mundane: I work with computers and have a wiki related to paganism called [http://www.paganwiki.org PaganWiki] and thought an SCA wiki would be an excellent idea. I thought, "Before I register a domain name and get the software installed, I'd better search for existing SCA wikis", and found this wonderful place. I immediately searched for Dragonsspine and Outlands and was very disappointed with the results. Only one thing to do to correct it; Join and contribute!
My wife, Mary, and I are the owners of [http://www.roseandcrowne.com The Rose and Crowne]. Also, if anyone wants/needs specific devices done in my style (see [[Outlands]],[[Barony of Dragonsspine]] and [[Shire of Aarquelle]] for examples), feel free to ask. I must charge something for my time and effort, email for quote.

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