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Wynne MacNair
Last Known Residence: Kingdom of Atenveldt
Blazon: Per pale gules and argent, a stag trippant between five mullets one, two and two counterchanged. Rank in OP: 638

Awards Received:
Grant of Arms Kingdom of Atenveldt 6/7/2003 Eric and Nichelle;
Beacon of the Desert Kingdom of Atenveldt 5/6/2006 Aaron and Alisandra;
Order of the Palm of Atenveldt Barony of Atenveldt 4/26/1998 Robin and Penelope;
Order of the Purpure Clarion Barony of Atenveldt 6/13/1998 Robin and Penelope;
Award of Arms Kingdom of Atenveldt 10/21/1995 Mathghamhain and Katerina;

Offices and Other Positions Held:
Minister of Arts and Sciences Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/1999 12/30/2000;
Drop Dead Seneschal Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/1998 12/30/1998;
Gold Key Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/2004 11/14/2010;
Estrella War, Pre-War Security Deputy Kingdom of Atenveldt 1/1/2003 2/20/2003;
Editor of the MoAS Newsletter Kingdom of Atenveldt 1/1/2002 12/30/2004;
Estrella War, Pre-War Security Staff Kingdom of Atenveldt 1/1/2001 2/20/2006;
Deputy Chronicler Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/2000 12/30/2002;
Chatelaine Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/1998 12/30/1998;
Historian’s Guild Mentor Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/1998 12/30/1999;
Dance Minister Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/1996 12/30/1999;
Arts and Sciences Deputy Barony of Atenveldt 1/1/1995 12/30/1998