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Prior Helmut von Meer

Prior Helmut has been a member of the SCA since 1986, and became a Templar monk in the late 1990's and was invested into the order as a full brother in 1999 at Pennsic by Robert de Tyre. He founded the Priory of Tortosa/Priory of Silverkeep the oldest standing household in the shire.

An ecclesiastical artist known for woodworking and woodcarving (Carved Crozier's, Furniture making and medieval egg tempera painting, Icon Writing (Icon Painting), garb making, Paternosters, Bookbinding, Pavilion Building .Soapstone Carving and Pewter casting of Pilgrims badges, Monastic Seal Matrices, Belt Buckles, Plaque belt plates, Crosses, Elizabethan Paternoster rings, Book cover corners, Shire event site tokens, Clay pilgrims flasks, Pilgrims stave's, 12-13th century sword belts, Armoring, basic Shoe making, Simple Brewing, Tincture and Cordial making, Knife making, Wooden weapon replica making and many other arts mostly related to a monastic circa 1250 ad.

Prior Helmut lives within the Shire of Silverkeep in the Kingdom of Artemisia.